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Craft personalized outreach that transforms ‘No’ into ‘Yes’. Engage 100% of your lead list with carefully designed and consistent email sequences.

Driven Cold Outreach Approach

Our cold email services extend far beyond generic solutions, delivering exceptional results for you.
Few to no meetings due to a low reply rate.

Secure consistent appointments with engaged leads.

Not sure who to reach out to?

Start outreach campaigns that address the pain points of your ICP.

Not much experience in reaching out?

Adopt a proven approach that opens doors to new opportunities.

Need more leads for your sales team?

Boost growth with a consistent approach to acquiring leads.

How Demand Trendz Cold Email Service Works

Audit and tech setup

Examining current status and configuring infrastructure

Bulk Emailing

Creating and sending customized templates

Tracking and A/B testing

Evaluating cadence performance and experimenting with approaches

What Our Clients Say

Frequently asked questions

Feel free to ask if you have any more questions!
Do you verify emails before starting outreach?
Absolutely. Our research team uses multiple tools to validate email addresses, names, positions, and other crucial data.
How many emails can Demand Trendz send monthly?
It varies, with several factors at play. For some projects, our SDRs can send over 10K emails per month, while for others, it might be 2-3 times lower due to factors like goals, Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), market specifics, domain restrictions, and budgets.
Does Demand Trendz manage lead responses through email?
Certainly. Our SDRs handle responses manually and oversee all interactions. Additionally, with our writing team, we develop different scenarios and craft canned responses for common questions and requests.
I need multiple email campaigns for different titles. Can you accommodate that?
No problem. If you have various audiences to target, we’ll create tailored messages and approaches for each.
Where does Demand Trendz source prospect emails?
Our teams use various lead research tools that legally provide accurate information. They also search for leads’ emails in open sources, ensuring verification and double-checking.
When will I see the first results?
In the initial two weeks of the project, we provide you with a batch of pilot leads to assess their performance. By the end of the first month, your campaign will be running at full capacity, delivering initial leads.

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