B2B Appointment Setting Services

We schedule meetings directly into your calendar, allowing you to focus more on conversations with potential clients and grow your business.

Revive your pipeline with quality meetings

Target your ICP

Enhance your conversions and establish connections with decision-makers. Set up meetings with individuals who hold the reins in making purchase decisions within your target accounts.

Focus on Engaging with Interested Prospects

Nurture a positive sender reputation by curating a list of SQLs (Sales Qualified Leads) who genuinely wish to receive emails from your company. Honor a prospect’s choice to opt out of email campaigns, and ensure that your emails, which are not flagged as spam, align with their preferences.


Invest in success! With Demand Trendz’s pay-per-appointment services, you only pay for appointments that deliver results. Efficiently schedule appointments, save time, and liberate your team from the burdens of cold-calling tasks.

How does our appointment setting work?

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do you make sure those appointments take place?
When the lead is prepared to meet, our appointment setter recommends available slots from your calendar and arranges the meeting. Before the call, we send a reminder to the lead to confirm the appointment. If they happen to miss the meeting, we follow up and provide the option to reschedule until they are ready to meet
Who is responsible for the leads we discover for you?
You have complete ownership of all the leads we identify for you. We make sure to outline this in our agreements, providing you with a sense of security.
How much do your services cost?
The cost of our services is influenced by various factors, such as the volume of calls, vetted leads, additional outbound services required, including appointment setting, and more. To ensure you receive value for your investment, we would like to understand your specific needs and tailor a solution accordingly. Explore our pricing details and request a customized quote for your unique situation.
Is an in-house or outsourced SDR team the better choice for you?
It depends on your specific needs and available resources. Typically, maintaining an in-house sales team can be financially demanding, costing around $150K annually. On the other hand, opting for an outsourced team can save you three times the cost, ranging from $40K to $50K per year. Additionally, outsourcing allows you to select professionals with deeper expertise in your industry. Before making a final decision, we suggest establishing your criteria and carefully evaluating each option based on your unique circumstances.

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